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A leftist politics and culture podcast for our terrible times. Hosted by Matt Binder.

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    48: Lyndon LaRouche is Dead, But What About His Cult? (w/ Jay, Brother of a LaRouchie)

    Conspiracy theorist Lyndon LaRouche died on February 12, 2019 at 96 years old. The perennial presidential candidate ran a movement for decades that many say is a cult. Longtime anti-LaRouche activist, Jay, joins DOOMED with Matt Binder to discuss what its like to have a sibling become a "LaRouchie" and join the movement effectively cutting off family members. Jay discusses who Lyndon LaRouche is and what he believes. Jay discusses his personal experience with his sibling and what happens to the movement going forward. Also, in the Patreon members only portion of the show we discuss Lyndon LaRouche some more, plus your comments, questions, and more!

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    47: Learn to Code: Actually, It's About Ethics in Harassing Journalists (w/ Talia Lavin)

    Writer Talia Lavin (aka @chick_in_kiev) joins DOOMED with Matt Binder to discuss the latest right wing harassment campaign: Learn to Code. We discuss how "learn to code" became a right wing harassment campaign targetting laid off journalists, how #GamerGate was ground zero for so much of this, the "actually, it's about ethics in gaming journalism" gaslighting, Tucker Carlson's bizarre coverage of this on his show, and more! Plus we listen to a #LearnToCode clip from Red Elephants' Vincent James on YouTube and the antisemitic twist to the harassment. Also, Matt lays down the hypocrisy over the uproar about Bernie Sanders' state of the union response. And don't miss the patron only half of the show with your questions, comments, and more!

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    46: Gab is a Nugget (w/ Michael Edison Hayden)

    Michael Edison Hayden of Southern Poverty Law Center's Hatewatch joins DOOMED with Matt Binder to discuss Gab dot com, white supremacists' favorite social network. We discuss the tweets sent from Gab to Matt right before the show where they insist they are just a "free speech" social network, Michael's experiences using Gab, how he has been banned from the site, its CEO Andrew Torba, how companies like GoDaddy cut ties with the website, the type of people found on Gab such as Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooter Robert Bowers, the infighting on Gab, the companies keeping the site afloat such as Epik, a domain company run by CEO Robert Monster, and the crowdfunding company StartEngine, Matt explains the title of the episode (hint: it has to do with an infamous pro wrestling promo from HBK about the Hart Family), Gab members invade the DOOMED YouTube livestream and more! Plus for Patreon subscribers: we discuss the difference between the legitimate crticicisms of Kamala Harris' record and the wrongheaded nasty attacks on her, the progressive case for ECW, punk and pro wrestling, plus your questions and comments!

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    45: The Criminal, The Cuck, The Coup (w/ Michael Brooks)

    Michael Brooks of The Majority Report & The Michael Brooks Show joins DOOMED with Matt Binder to discuss Roger Stone's arrest, Donald Trump caving in on the government shutdown thanks to labor, right wingers like Ann Coulter turning on Trump over his falure to "win" the shutdown fight, a rundown of the Venezuela situation, + the breaking report during the show that Bernie Sanders is preparing to run for president in 2020! Plus, in the member's only show your questions, comments, and much more!

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    44: Mutiny Inside Turning Point USA! (w/ Kevin Martin)

    Conservative activist Kevin Martin joins DOOMED with Matt Binder to discuss the mutiny occurring within Charlie Kirk's Turning Point USA group, his opposing group of TPUSA dissidents "Heal Our Voice," the events that occurred at the group's recent Student Action Summit, his feelings on Candace Owens and her new group Blexit PLUS! a debate between Matt and Kevin on healthcare, education, Black Lives Matter...and it looks like Kevin might not be as conservative as he thinks!

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    43: The State of the QAnon (w/ Travis View)

    Travis View of the QAnon Anonymous Podcast (and possible controlled opposition) joins DOOMED with Matt Binder to discuss the latest happenings in the world of the QAnon conspiracy, JFK Jr...ALIVE?, the Golden Globes is dragged into the conspiracy thanks to the Fiji Water girl, Seattle QAnon follower Buckey Wolfe kills his "lizard" brother with a sword, how YouTube plays a roll in the spread of the QAnon conspiracies, what's with QAnon's appeal to the boomer generation, will the movement move on without Q?, what's next for the QAnon faithful whose families now all hate them, and more!

    PLUS! For Patreon subscribers: a bonus episode featuring your questions, comments, reminiscing on the time I cucked Michael Brooks at the last Majority Report live show in Brooklyn, harassment in the 2016 Bernie Sanders campaign, and more!

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    42: Rollin' with the Doomies (The Last DOOMED of 2018!)

    In the last DOOMED of 2018, Matt Binder listens to a clip from Judge Jeanine Pirro's Fox News show featuring Charlie Kirk, Candace Owens, and Katrina Pierson, conservatism is the new punk, the conservative grifter who raised money off being turned down by potential roommates, the future of DOOMED in 2019, Matt discovers how to grow his Patreon, all your YouTube livestream comments and questions, listeners name Matt's new cat "Michael Brooks" (which absolutely will not stand), a call from listener Rene and ONLY Rene because apparently no one can figure out how to use Skype in 2018, and much more! PLUS BONUS: this episode includes the first ever DOOMED PATRON ONLY extra content for FREE (before it goes behind the paywall for the next episode!)

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    41: It's the Most Wonderful Bans of the Year!: A Look Back at Deplatforming in 2018 (w/ Rachel Kraus)

    Let's take a look back at all those we lost to deplatforming in 2018! Rachel Kraus of Mashable joins DOOMED with Matt Binder to discuss deplatforming, tech companies like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube having so much power over our lives, the posterboy proving that deplatforming works: Milo Yiannopoulos, the Tucker Carlson advertiser boycotts, bad cases of deplatforming like Tumblr with porn, and then finally...a "in memoriam" and look at the year in deplatforming: Alex Jones, Gavin McInnes and the Proud Boys, Tommy Robinson and Britain First, Laura Loomer, Gab, and many more! Plus you're livestream comments and questions!

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    40: Night of the Living Deadnamers (w/ Parker Molloy)

    Parker Molloy, editor-at-large of Media Matters For America, joins DOOMED with Matt Binder to discuss deadnaming and misgendering of the trans community, Twitter's new policy banning 'deadnamers' from the platform, how this makes the platform a freer place especially for transgender people, some of the worst of the worst deadnamers are not only conservatives but self-proclaimed "feminists" and "progressive" too, and the Trump administration trying to redefining transgender out of existence. We also take a broad look at the culture wars, the state of the 2020 Democratic primary a mere 59 weeks away from Iowa, Bernie vs. Beto, Google CEO Sundar Pichai's Congressional hearing, and more! Plus your livestream comments and questions!

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    39: We Live in a (Flat Earth) Society: Inside the Flat Earth Conference (w/ Kelly Weill)

    Kelly Weill of The Daily Beast joins the show to take us inside the Flat Earth Conference, the world's biggest gathering of flat earthers. We discuss the early days of the flat earth conspiracy and the Flat Earth Society, how YouTube changed the game for flat earthers, Logan Paul's appearance and how it created a riff within the flat earth community. Also, we try to make sense of some flat earth beliefs! All that plus Laura Loomer handcuffs herself to Twitter's headquarters in protest of her ban, your YouTube comments, questions, and more!

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    38: Amazon? I Wish They Would Amazoff. (w/ Lena Afridi)

    Lena Afridi, director of economic development policy at ANHD: Assosication for Neighborhood and Housing Development joins DOOMED to discuss the Amazon HQ2 deal, how it will effect the people of New York and specifically the people of Queens, New York (and even more specifiaclly Matt Binder), some of the weirdest terms of the deal (Jeff Bezos helipad?!), some amazing little known facts and figures about NYC and why the HQ2 location is such a big deal, the second HQ2 location in Arlington, Virginia, what Amazon could do to fix the issues with their new headquarters, what Amazon HQ2 means for the rest of the country and more! Plus your comments and questions from the YouTube livestream!

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    37: Apps Against the Machine: How Tech Can Lead to Future Progressive Wins (w/ Leo Sussan)

    Leo Sussan, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's technology director for her 2018 campaign and the co-founder of the Reach app, joins DOOMED to discuss the app he helped create that's changing the way progressives campaign. We discuss how canvassing is broken, how Reach fixes it, what the future holds for tech and progressive campaigns, as well as preview the state of affairs after the Midterms and looking forward at 2020. Also! Your livestream comments and questions!

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    36: Superkicked in the Crown Jewel: WWE's Deal with Saudi Arabia (w/ David Bixenspan)

    David Bixenspan, a reporter covering pro wrestling for Deadspin, Mel Magazine, and most recently for The Nation, joins DOOMED to discuss the controversy surrounding WWE's 10 year deal with Saudi Arabia, the propaganda at Greatest Royal Rumble, Vince McMahon's decision to go ahead with the Crown Jewel event after the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, which wrestlers bailed on the event and why, the additional layer of Hulk Hogan returning at this event, your comments and questions and much more!

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    35: Slender Man & Donald Trump Walk Into a Bar: Urban Legends, Fake News, & How They Spread (w/ Lynne McNeill)

    Dr. Lynne McNeill, a folklorist at Utah State University, author of Folklore Rules and co-author of Slender Man Is Coming: Creepypasta and Contemporary Legends on the Internet joins the show for a very special Halloween edition of DOOMED! We define and discuss folklore, urban legends, and fake news, how they spread both online and offline, the role we play in sharing scary stories or political misinformation and conspiracies, and we take a look at the origin of one of the internet's most famous urban legends, Slender Man. Also! Your YouTube livestream comments, Halloween, scary movies, the Momo Challenge, and more!

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    34: The Hunt for Red Bot-tober (w/ Josh Russell)

    Josh Russell hunts bots. You may have seen him profiled on CNN's Declassified. On this episode of DOOMED, we're talking bots. How does Josh find them, how are they set up, what are they doing to push fake news, spread misinformation, and sow discord in the U.S. We take a look at specific examples of Russian, Iranian, and Saudi bots on Twitter and Reddit. Also on the show: technical difficulties! the pipebombs sent to Democrats! your questions and comments on the YouTube livestream! and much more!

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    33: The NPC Meme aka The Right Learns A New Way To Say "Sheeple" (w/ Cecilia D'Anastasio)

    Cecilia D'Anastasio of Kotaku joins DOOMED with Matt Binder to discuss how the 'NPC' meme tries to dehumanize 'SJWs', the origins of the "non-playable character" meme, who is using it? (it's not just 4chan edgelords and the right!), isn't it just another way of saying "wake up, sheeple"?, video game and meme culture, and the conservatives' dying cries extending into both. Also! Your questions and comments, the pro-Saudi Twitter bot campaign meant to control the Jamal Khashoggi narrative, and much more!

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    32: YouTube & the White Supremacists (w/ Chauncey Alcorn)

    Chauncey Alcorn of joins us to discuss the white supremacist Rise Above Movement, the four RAM members who were just arrested for their role in Charlottesville, the spread of white supremacists, white nationalist, and alt-right propaganda on YouTube, is YouTube following their own policies on hate speech?, the differences between right wing and left wing "extremists," RAM raising money for bail via GoDaddy, what does it take for these tech companies to take action against hate, and much more! Also: DOOMED returns from a short hiatus, your comments and questions!

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    30: You're a Corporation! The Nixon vs. Cuomo: NY Gov Debate

    Joined DOOMED with Matt Binder as we watch a replay of the New York Governor Debate between Andrew Cuomo and Cynthia Nixon, complete with color commentary on the night of the debate. (This was aired as a last minute late night YouTube Livestream, so please excuse any sound level issues. We'll have this fixed for any of these type of future livestream commentary shows we do.) Plus your live questions and comments!

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    29: We Are (Despite Trump's Tweet, Not Genociding White South African) Farmers bum ba dum bum bum bum (w/ Cristina Lopez)

    Cristina Lopez, Media Matters' deputy director for extremism, joins the show to discuss how Donald Trump came to tweeting about a long time white supremacist trope about white farmers in South Africa, how Tucker Carlson and Fox News spread white supremacy to our dumb President, right wing extremists like Lauren Southern and Mike Enoch who fed this conspiracy, case the media is wondering, our flags are all at half-staff. All this and much more including your comments and questions on DOOMED!

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    28: Unite the Right 2 or Damn Nazis, Back At It Again With the Failed White Supremacist Rally (w/ Kelly Weill)

    Kelly Weill of The Daily Beast joins the show to give us a first-person account from her trip to both Charlottesville and Washington DC for the anniversary of the white supremacist rally that left one antifascist protester dead and to cover the nazis' second take of that event: Unite the Right 2. We discuss how we got here, what the communities most affected have gone through in the past year, the sad life of Jason Kessler, militarized police, mainstream media's handwringing over antifa, YouTube's role in all this, and much more! Plus after the interview your questions, comments, plus a very special Happy Birthday message to Matt Binder's good friend Michael Brooks of The Michael Brooks Show, and much more!

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    27: Bye Bye Black Helicopters: Alex Jones Banned From YouTube, iTunes, Facebook (w/ Jared Holt)

    Alex Jones and InfoWars have been banned from YouTube, Apple iTunes, Facebook, even Pinterest! Jared Holt of Right Wing Watch and the Sh!tpost podcast join DOOMED with Matt Binder to discuss what Alex Jones has done to earn these bans, why these tech companies made the move now, what these bans mean to the broader internet and much more. Also! Jared tells us about his trip to Portland to cover the Patriot Prayer / Proud Boy march this past weekend. Plus your YouTube comments, questions, and more!

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    26: Who Trolls the Alt-Right Trolls? This Guy. (w/ Nathan Bernard)

    Meet the man trolling the trolls of the alt-right: Nathan Bernard of Nathan joins DOOMED to discuss the various different ways he's trolled the right wing – from Twitter bots to Cernovich / Milk Leaks to Bernard Media. We discuss his work with Vic Berger, how these right wing reactionaries operate, and much more! Plus your YouTube livestream questions and comments!

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    25: Right Wing Conspiracy Christmas in July (w/ Will Sommer)

    Will Sommer of The Daily Beast and joins us to rundown all the latest in right wing conspiracy theories. It's like a right wing conspiracy Christmas in July! But first, we discuss Will's run-in with the crew of the insane right wing movie Roe v. Wade. We also discuss the Conservatives vs. Facebook hearings, the Russia DNC hacking indictments, Seth Rich, QAnon's latest, #WalkAway, Jack Posobiec, plus much more! Also your comments and questions and a discussion about whether DSA should endorse Cynthia Nixon on the night they voted.

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    24: What's the Deal with Cultural Marxism?! (w/ Brenden Gallagher)

    Writer Brenden Gallagher joins DOOMED to discuss his DailyDot article: What is Cultural Marxism? Explaining and Debunking the Popular Term. We discuss where the term "cultural Marxism" came from and whatever the hell different factions on the right think it means, Jordan Peterson, Joseph Paul Watson, the recent J20 news and MAGA hat stealing incident, intersectionality on the left, and much, much more!

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    23: Ups and Downs: SCOTUS, Abolish ICE, & Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Big Win (w/ Sean McElwee)

    Sean McElwee of Data for Progress and joins the show to discuss the rollercoaster of a week that saw SCOTUS gut unions, Justice Kennedy announce his retirement which will give Donald Trump another Supreme Court pick, the Abolish ICE movement start to gain some real legs and take off, and the amazing win against the Democratic establishment when Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez beat Joe Crowley. All that and more on this week's episode of DOOMED!

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    22: tfw the DNC accuses you of being a RUSSIAN AGENT (w/ Selina Vickers)

    Selina Vickers, an activist from West Virginia and former Bernie Sanders delegate, joins DOOMED with Matt Binder to discuss her experience traveling around the country attending DNC meetings, sometimes as the sole observer covering what's going on. She discusses how she recently made the news when a senior DNC member accused her of being a Russian agent. We also discuss West Virginia politics, strategic voting, how she became politically active, and – based on her DNC experiences – what the future could possibly hold for the Democratic Party. All that and more on this episode of DOOMED!

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    21: Woken! A Sam Harris Stan, No Longer (w/ Kevin aka T1J)

    YouTuber T1J (Kevin) joins the show to discuss why he stopped idolizing Sam Harris. T1J put out a video recently exploring why Sam Harris stopped being his intellectual hero. On DOOMED, we discuss the video, what led T1J to New Atheism at first, how he discovered Sam Harris, where he started questioning his now former idol, the bizarre cult around Sam Harris, is Sam Harris Islamaphobic?, is Sam Harris racist?, and how current Sam Harris fans should question their hero.

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    20: The Right Self-Owns! Gab Eats Its Own & Whoops! James O'Keefe Just Helped Anti-Trump Protesters (w/ Kelly Weill)

    Kelly Weill of The Daily Beast joins us to discuss two of her latest stories that just happen to cover two recent, hilarious conservative self-owns. First, "Alt-Right/Nazi Twitter" social network goes to war with their own users, their battle for "free speech," their full-blown acceptance of white supremacists and how now it's founder Andrew Torba is trying to "clean up" the site's image by claiming all the 100% real nazis on the site are actually fake. Next up, conservative activist/troll James O'Keefe and his Project Veritas edited video scheme just accidentally gave a big win to #J20 anti-Trump protesters who were being prosecuted. Also, WTF? Prosecutors were using Project Veritas videos as evidence?! All that, plus listener questions and comments and more!

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    19: Everything's Coming Up Roses: Four Progressive Women With Dem Socialist Platforms Win Big in PA Primaries (w/ Summer Lee, Sara Innamorato, Kristin Seale, Elizabeth Fiedler)

    Four progressive women with Democratic Socialist platforms running for Pennsylvania State House won big last week in their primaries. All unseated establishment male incumbents. All four – Summer Lee & Sara Innamorato of Pittsburgh and Kristin Seale & Elizabeth Fiedler of Philadelphia – join the show to discuss their respective races, their experience in taking on the establishment, how their people-powered campaigns helped them win, DSA's role and what their Dem Socialist platforms meant to them, and what this means all across the country going forward. All that plus listener questions and comments and much more!

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    18: Fake News, Real Cult: NXIVM, The Knife of Aristotle, & The Story So Far (w/ Brock Wilbur)

    Writer Brock Wilbur joins the show to tell us the insane tale of how a writing job search led him to The Knife of Aristotle, a fake news website that he discovered was run by a cult called NXIVM. We discuss it's leader Keith Raniere, Smallville actress Allison Mack's involvement, how NXIVM compares and contrasts with other cults, what the right wing shares with NXIVM, and much more!

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    17: SJWs DESTROYED By Logic and Reason...Just Kidding, It's An Episode About the Intellectual Dark Web (w/ Jared Holt)

    Jared Holt of Right Wing Watch and the SH!TPOST podcast joins us to discuss Bari Weiss' New York Times piece about the IDW: Intellectual Dark Web (aka I Demand Wedgies). We discuss this reactionary "free thinker / free speech" movement and it's members such as Dave Rubin, Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan, Candice Owens, Bret Weinstein, and Christina Hoff Sommers! We also discuss how the "dark web" is already an actual thing, how everyone part of the IDW has a victimization complex, how just because a few of these guys voted for Bernie Sanders that doesn't make them a leftist, and a whole lote more!

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    16: Incel in the Membrane: A History of Men's Rights Extremism (w/ David Futrelle)

    David Futrelle of We Hunted the Mammoth joins the DOOMED with Matt Binder livestream to talk the history of the toxic Men's Rights Movement. From it's sexist roots with the likes of Warren Farrell to the rise of the misogynist "Men's Rights Activists" (aka MRAs) on the internet with Reddit, Stefan Molyneux, and Paul Elam's website, A Voice For Men. We also discuss the incel moment in mainstream media after Alek Minassian, a self-identified "involuntarily celibate" murdered 10 people with his van in Toronto, why incels have deified spree killer Elliot Rodger, the ridiculousness of Ross Douthat's "redistribution of sex" take, and how the dangerous incel subculture is and what can be done about it.

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    15: From Kanye to the Koreas: The Week That Was (w/ Michael Brooks)

    The first ever DOOMED livestream episode! Michael Brooks of The Majority Report and The Michael Brooks Show joins us to discuss the crazy week that was. Kim Jong Un crosses the DMZ in what looks like peace between North Korea and South Korea, Bill Cosby is going to jail (hopefully) and the new chapter of the #MeToo movement begins, the allegations against Tom Brokaw, was MSNBC's Joy Reid hacked or were the old homophobic blog posts really hers or does it really matter?, what the hell is up with Kanye West's Donald Trump support, Cardi B's Bernie Sanders love, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sucks up to far-right Candice Owens, and our first ever live callers Theo and Jameson call-in to discuss right wing subgroups and the distinction between the altright and nazis!

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    14: Neo-Nazis Say Hello to…Newnan </seinfeld voice> (w/ Jack Smith IV)

    Jack Smith IV of joins the show live from Georgia with a report on the neo-nazi rally held by the National Socialist Movement in the small town of Newnan. Jack and Matt Binder discuss the events that unfolded and how what went down is another nail in the coffin for the rise of the alt-right and the white supremacist movement post-Charlottesville, the hilarious downfall of the Traditionalist Worker’s Party, how antifa and antifascist action won…even Richard Spencer admits it, the next far right / identitarian threat: Jordan Peterson and “classic liberalism,” and much more!

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    13: Bernie's Not A Democrat! And More Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark (w/ Briahna Joy Gray)

    Briahna Joy Gray, attorney, contributing editor at Current Affairs, and co-host of the SWOTI: Someone’s Wrong on the Internet podcast, joins the show to discuss her first person account of the Jackson, Mississippi event that Bernie Sanders spoke at on Wednesday April 4th 2018. We talk what Bernie Sanders actually said and didn't say about Obama at the event honoring Martin Luther King Jr., the difference between your everyday Hillary Clinton supporter and the weird subgroup known as the "8 Percenters," how poll after poll shows Senator Sanders’ approval is in direct contrast with what the 8 Percenters believe, the bizarre attacks on Bernie Sanders for not endorsing Hillary Clinton…when he endorsed Hillary Clinton, how a significant number of Trump voters are racist but also a significant number of Democrats too, the center's bad faith weaponization of identity politics against the left, intersectionality, and much more!

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    12: Pro Wrestling & the Road to ProgressiveMania: *Point at the WrestleMania Sign* (w/ Dave Zirin, Scarlett Harris, David Bixenspan)

    Just in time for WrestleMania, it's a very special politics and pro wrestling episode of DOOMED! Dave Zirin, sports editor at The Nation and host of The Edge of Sports podcast, Scarlett Harris, Australian freelance writer with a focus on pro wrestling, & David Bixenspan, pro wrestling writer at Deadspin and cohost of the Between the Sheets Podcast all join the show for a FATAL FOUR WAY conversation with host Matt Binder about WWE, pro wrestling, and progressive politics.

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    11: The Twitter Bots Are Coming...FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE (w/ Trevor aka @LikingOnline)

    Twitter're DOOMED. Trevor aka @LikingOnine and host Matt Binder discuss how each of them recently uncovered the mystery sources behind two major political Twitter bot farms, how these two seperate bot networks were being falsely attributed to Russia, and how one of the people unmasked (Dem consultant Sally Albright) is someone who gins up the Russia bot hysteria themselves.

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    10: Jordan Peterson Would NOT Like This Episode About Him and His 12 Rules! Whatever You Do, Please Don't Tell Him About It! (w/ Nathan Robinson)

    Nathan J. Robinson of Current Affairs joins the show to talk Jordan B. Peterson, the intellectual we deserve. We discuss: who is Jordan Peterson?, how he's like Sam Harris in many ways, how Peterson and other figures on the right play the media as well as their young white male audience, how the media game has to be played against people like Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro, the Donald Trump connection, how to beat right wingers from Fox News to Dave Rubin at their own game, and a very special analyzation of each of Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules of Life.

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    9: Pod Save The U.S. Healthcare System (w/ Matt Bruenig)

    Matt Bruenig of the People's Policy Project joins us to discuss why healthcare should be completely free, Obamacare and Obama's healthcare legacy, how women’s health and universal healthcare are political entwined, the insane scheme (that healthcare companies rig) that decides your healthcare subsidy, breaking down Andy Slavitt’s United States of Care and the attack on the Medicare for all movement, what’s Pod Save America’s play here?, taking a look at Medicare Extra Premium Plus Supreme (For Amazon Prime Members Only) plan by the Center for American Progress…is it good? (The answer may surprise you!)

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    7: The Shape of Water (When You're Dunking a Conservative) (w/ Rob Whisman, Jesse Farrar, Stefan Heck aka The Go Off Kings)

    Rob Whisman, Jesse Farrar, and Stefan Heck of the hit Twitch stream The Go Off Kings join the show...and there's a lot to talk about! We go in depth with Jesse Farrar on the dunking-conservatives-underwater tweet that riled up Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk so much that Kirk went on Fox News to complain, that time Rob Whisman and Matt Binder went to CPAC and saw the TP USA folks in the flesh, the weirdest right wingers online, the Parkland school shooting, what Twitch streaming is all about, and much more!

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    6: Diapers & Deception: Inside Turning Point USA (w/ Kaitlin Bennet)

    Kaitlin Bennet, a top conservative college activist, joins the show to tell us why she very publicly quit the nation’s largest conservative college campus organization, Turning Point USA and how one of the biggest self-owns, at least involving diapers, came to be. We go inside Turning Point USA and…oh yeah, we also have a debate.

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    5: This Is The MAGA-F-L? (w/ David Bixenspan)

    David Bixenspan, pro wrestling writer for Deadspin, joins the show to discuss the big announcement about the return of the XFL, how Vince McMahon and Donald Trump are basically the two Spider-Man’s pointing at each other meme, and how the ever changing demographics of professional wrestling’s fanbase might end up blowing up right wingers hopes and dreams for the XFL’s branding as the MAGA Football league…that is if it all doesn’t just blow up in Vince’s face first.

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    3: 2 Fast 2 Pizzagate: QAnon & The Storm Conspiracy (w/ Will Sommer)

    The right wing Pizzagate conspiracy is back, baby! Will Sommer of The Hill and Right Richter joins the show to discuss The Storm conspiracy, the mystery of QAnon, the people propping up the conspiracy, and much more! Join us as we follow the white rabbit

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