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A leftist politics and culture podcast for our terrible times. Hosted by Matt Binder.

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    51: Debunking Joe Rogan and Tim Pool: Anti-Conservative Bias on Twitter?!

    Joe Rogan recently invited Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and its head of legal, policy and trust and safety Vijaya Gadde on the show to discuss the social media platform's anti-conservative bias. In order to best discuss the issues on the Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan invited "independent journalist" Tim Pool on to help. But, who is Tim Pool? On this of DOOMED with Matt Binder we take a look at his history, Pool's far right and alt-right ties, and debunk Rogan and Pool's arguments.

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    50: CPAC's Existential Crisis (w/ Jared Holt)

    Jared Holt of Right Wing Watch and the Sh!tpost podcast joins DOOMED with Matt Binder to discuss his on the ground experience live from the right wing’s largest annual gathering, the 2019 Conservative Political Action Conference. We discuss how CPAC has changed over the years, Turning Point USA's large presence there, TPUSA's after party, NRA's disappearance from the event, who "stole" the show, as well as discussing specific personalities such as Candace Owens, Sebastian Gorka, Donald Trump Jr., Laura Loomer, Jacob Wohl, and more! PLUS on the patron only half of the show: your questions, calls, and much more!

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    49: He's Running: Bernie Sanders Announces 2020 Presidential Campaign

    As Cardi B says "vote for Daddy Bernie, bitch!" In this episode recorded on the night of Bernie's announcement that he's running for president, DOOMED with Matt Binder takes calls from listeners to discuss Bernie's record breaking donation haul, what the 2020 primary has in store for the left, an overview of whose running in the 2020 Democratic primary so far, a look at Bernie's announcement videos and his interview on CBS announcing his run, and much much more!

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    48: Lyndon LaRouche is Dead, But What About His Cult? (w/ Jay, Brother of a LaRouchie)

    Conspiracy theorist Lyndon LaRouche died on February 12, 2019 at 96 years old. The perennial presidential candidate ran a movement for decades that many say is a cult. Longtime anti-LaRouche activist, Jay, joins DOOMED with Matt Binder to discuss what its like to have a sibling become a "LaRouchie" and join the movement effectively cutting off family members. Jay discusses who Lyndon LaRouche is and what he believes. Jay discusses his personal experience with his sibling and what happens to the movement going forward. Also, in the Patreon members only portion of the show we discuss Lyndon LaRouche some more, plus your comments, questions, and more!

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    47: Learn to Code: Actually, It's About Ethics in Harassing Journalists (w/ Talia Lavin)

    Writer Talia Lavin (aka @chick_in_kiev) joins DOOMED with Matt Binder to discuss the latest right wing harassment campaign: Learn to Code. We discuss how "learn to code" became a right wing harassment campaign targetting laid off journalists, how #GamerGate was ground zero for so much of this, the "actually, it's about ethics in gaming journalism" gaslighting, Tucker Carlson's bizarre coverage of this on his show, and more! Plus we listen to a #LearnToCode clip from Red Elephants' Vincent James on YouTube and the antisemitic twist to the harassment. Also, Matt lays down the hypocrisy over the uproar about Bernie Sanders' state of the union response. And don't miss the patron only half of the show with your questions, comments, and more!

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    46: Gab is a Nugget (w/ Michael Edison Hayden)

    Michael Edison Hayden of Southern Poverty Law Center's Hatewatch joins DOOMED with Matt Binder to discuss Gab dot com, white supremacists' favorite social network. We discuss the tweets sent from Gab to Matt right before the show where they insist they are just a "free speech" social network, Michael's experiences using Gab, how he has been banned from the site, its CEO Andrew Torba, how companies like GoDaddy cut ties with the website, the type of people found on Gab such as Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooter Robert Bowers, the infighting on Gab, the companies keeping the site afloat such as Epik, a domain company run by CEO Robert Monster, and the crowdfunding company StartEngine, Matt explains the title of the episode (hint: it has to do with an infamous pro wrestling promo from HBK about the Hart Family), Gab members invade the DOOMED YouTube livestream and more! Plus for Patreon subscribers: we discuss the difference between the legitimate crticicisms of Kamala Harris' record and the wrongheaded nasty attacks on her, the progressive case for ECW, punk and pro wrestling, plus your questions and comments!

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    45: The Criminal, The Cuck, The Coup (w/ Michael Brooks)

    Michael Brooks of The Majority Report & The Michael Brooks Show joins DOOMED with Matt Binder to discuss Roger Stone's arrest, Donald Trump caving in on the government shutdown thanks to labor, right wingers like Ann Coulter turning on Trump over his falure to "win" the shutdown fight, a rundown of the Venezuela situation, + the breaking report during the show that Bernie Sanders is preparing to run for president in 2020! Plus, in the member's only show your questions, comments, and much more!

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    44: Mutiny Inside Turning Point USA! (w/ Kevin Martin)

    Conservative activist Kevin Martin joins DOOMED with Matt Binder to discuss the mutiny occurring within Charlie Kirk's Turning Point USA group, his opposing group of TPUSA dissidents "Heal Our Voice," the events that occurred at the group's recent Student Action Summit, his feelings on Candace Owens and her new group Blexit PLUS! a debate between Matt and Kevin on healthcare, education, Black Lives Matter...and it looks like Kevin might not be as conservative as he thinks!

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    43: The State of the QAnon (w/ Travis View)

    Travis View of the QAnon Anonymous Podcast (and possible controlled opposition) joins DOOMED with Matt Binder to discuss the latest happenings in the world of the QAnon conspiracy, JFK Jr...ALIVE?, the Golden Globes is dragged into the conspiracy thanks to the Fiji Water girl, Seattle QAnon follower Buckey Wolfe kills his "lizard" brother with a sword, how YouTube plays a roll in the spread of the QAnon conspiracies, what's with QAnon's appeal to the boomer generation, will the movement move on without Q?, what's next for the QAnon faithful whose families now all hate them, and more!

    PLUS! For Patreon subscribers: a bonus episode featuring your questions, comments, reminiscing on the time I cucked Michael Brooks at the last Majority Report live show in Brooklyn, harassment in the 2016 Bernie Sanders campaign, and more!

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    42: Rollin' with the Doomies (The Last DOOMED of 2018!)

    In the last DOOMED of 2018, Matt Binder listens to a clip from Judge Jeanine Pirro's Fox News show featuring Charlie Kirk, Candace Owens, and Katrina Pierson, conservatism is the new punk, the conservative grifter who raised money off being turned down by potential roommates, the future of DOOMED in 2019, Matt discovers how to grow his Patreon, all your YouTube livestream comments and questions, listeners name Matt's new cat "Michael Brooks" (which absolutely will not stand), a call from listener Rene and ONLY Rene because apparently no one can figure out how to use Skype in 2018, and much more! PLUS BONUS: this episode includes the first ever DOOMED PATRON ONLY extra content for FREE (before it goes behind the paywall for the next episode!)

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