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DOOMED with Matt Binder

A leftist politics and culture podcast for our terrible times. Hosted by Matt Binder.

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    30: You're a Corporation! The Nixon vs. Cuomo: NY Gov Debate

    Joined DOOMED with Matt Binder as we watch a replay of the New York Governor Debate between Andrew Cuomo and Cynthia Nixon, complete with color commentary on the night of the debate. (This was aired as a last minute late night YouTube Livestream, so please excuse any sound level issues. We'll have this fixed for any of these type of future livestream commentary shows we do.) Plus your live questions and comments!

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    29: We Are (Despite Trump's Tweet, Not Genociding White South African) Farmers bum ba dum bum bum bum (w/ Cristina Lopez)

    Cristina Lopez, Media Matters' deputy director for extremism, joins the show to discuss how Donald Trump came to tweeting about a long time white supremacist trope about white farmers in South Africa, how Tucker Carlson and Fox News spread white supremacy to our dumb President, right wing extremists like Lauren Southern and Mike Enoch who fed this conspiracy, case the media is wondering, our flags are all at half-staff. All this and much more including your comments and questions on DOOMED!

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    28: Unite the Right 2 or Damn Nazis, Back At It Again With the Failed White Supremacist Rally (w/ Kelly Weill)

    Kelly Weill of The Daily Beast joins the show to give us a first-person account from her trip to both Charlottesville and Washington DC for the anniversary of the white supremacist rally that left one antifascist protester dead and to cover the nazis' second take of that event: Unite the Right 2. We discuss how we got here, what the communities most affected have gone through in the past year, the sad life of Jason Kessler, militarized police, mainstream media's handwringing over antifa, YouTube's role in all this, and much more! Plus after the interview your questions, comments, plus a very special Happy Birthday message to Matt Binder's good friend Michael Brooks of The Michael Brooks Show, and much more!

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    27: Bye Bye Black Helicopters: Alex Jones Banned From YouTube, iTunes, Facebook (w/ Jared Holt)

    Alex Jones and InfoWars have been banned from YouTube, Apple iTunes, Facebook, even Pinterest! Jared Holt of Right Wing Watch and the Sh!tpost podcast join DOOMED with Matt Binder to discuss what Alex Jones has done to earn these bans, why these tech companies made the move now, what these bans mean to the broader internet and much more. Also! Jared tells us about his trip to Portland to cover the Patriot Prayer / Proud Boy march this past weekend. Plus your YouTube comments, questions, and more!

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    26: Who Trolls the Alt-Right Trolls? This Guy. (w/ Nathan Bernard)

    Meet the man trolling the trolls of the alt-right: Nathan Bernard of Nathan joins DOOMED to discuss the various different ways he's trolled the right wing – from Twitter bots to Cernovich / Milk Leaks to Bernard Media. We discuss his work with Vic Berger, how these right wing reactionaries operate, and much more! Plus your YouTube livestream questions and comments!

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    25: Right Wing Conspiracy Christmas in July (w/ Will Sommer)

    Will Sommer of The Daily Beast and joins us to rundown all the latest in right wing conspiracy theories. It's like a right wing conspiracy Christmas in July! But first, we discuss Will's run-in with the crew of the insane right wing movie Roe v. Wade. We also discuss the Conservatives vs. Facebook hearings, the Russia DNC hacking indictments, Seth Rich, QAnon's latest, #WalkAway, Jack Posobiec, plus much more! Also your comments and questions and a discussion about whether DSA should endorse Cynthia Nixon on the night they voted.

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    24: What's the Deal with Cultural Marxism?! (w/ Brenden Gallagher)

    Writer Brenden Gallagher joins DOOMED to discuss his DailyDot article: What is Cultural Marxism? Explaining and Debunking the Popular Term. We discuss where the term "cultural Marxism" came from and whatever the hell different factions on the right think it means, Jordan Peterson, Joseph Paul Watson, the recent J20 news and MAGA hat stealing incident, intersectionality on the left, and much, much more!

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    23: Ups and Downs: SCOTUS, Abolish ICE, & Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Big Win (w/ Sean McElwee)

    Sean McElwee of Data for Progress and joins the show to discuss the rollercoaster of a week that saw SCOTUS gut unions, Justice Kennedy announce his retirement which will give Donald Trump another Supreme Court pick, the Abolish ICE movement start to gain some real legs and take off, and the amazing win against the Democratic establishment when Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez beat Joe Crowley. All that and more on this week's episode of DOOMED!

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    22: tfw the DNC accuses you of being a RUSSIAN AGENT (w/ Selina Vickers)

    Selina Vickers, an activist from West Virginia and former Bernie Sanders delegate, joins DOOMED with Matt Binder to discuss her experience traveling around the country attending DNC meetings, sometimes as the sole observer covering what's going on. She discusses how she recently made the news when a senior DNC member accused her of being a Russian agent. We also discuss West Virginia politics, strategic voting, how she became politically active, and – based on her DNC experiences – what the future could possibly hold for the Democratic Party. All that and more on this episode of DOOMED!

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