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DOOMED with Matt Binder

A leftist politics and culture podcast for our terrible times. Hosted by Matt Binder.

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    37: Apps Against the Machine: How Tech Can Lead to Future Progressive Wins (w/ Leo Sussan)

    Leo Sussan, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's technology director for her 2018 campaign and the co-founder of the Reach app, joins DOOMED to discuss the app he helped create that's changing the way progressives campaign. We discuss how canvassing is broken, how Reach fixes it, what the future holds for tech and progressive campaigns, as well as preview the state of affairs after the Midterms and looking forward at 2020. Also! Your livestream comments and questions!

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    36: Superkicked in the Crown Jewel: WWE's Deal with Saudi Arabia (w/ David Bixenspan)

    David Bixenspan, a reporter covering pro wrestling for Deadspin, Mel Magazine, and most recently for The Nation, joins DOOMED to discuss the controversy surrounding WWE's 10 year deal with Saudi Arabia, the propaganda at Greatest Royal Rumble, Vince McMahon's decision to go ahead with the Crown Jewel event after the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, which wrestlers bailed on the event and why, the additional layer of Hulk Hogan returning at this event, your comments and questions and much more!

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    35: Slender Man & Donald Trump Walk Into a Bar: Urban Legends, Fake News, & How They Spread (w/ Lynne McNeill)

    Dr. Lynne McNeill, a folklorist at Utah State University, author of Folklore Rules and co-author of Slender Man Is Coming: Creepypasta and Contemporary Legends on the Internet joins the show for a very special Halloween edition of DOOMED! We define and discuss folklore, urban legends, and fake news, how they spread both online and offline, the role we play in sharing scary stories or political misinformation and conspiracies, and we take a look at the origin of one of the internet's most famous urban legends, Slender Man. Also! Your YouTube livestream comments, Halloween, scary movies, the Momo Challenge, and more!

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    34: The Hunt for Red Bot-tober (w/ Josh Russell)

    Josh Russell hunts bots. You may have seen him profiled on CNN's Declassified. On this episode of DOOMED, we're talking bots. How does Josh find them, how are they set up, what are they doing to push fake news, spread misinformation, and sow discord in the U.S. We take a look at specific examples of Russian, Iranian, and Saudi bots on Twitter and Reddit. Also on the show: technical difficulties! the pipebombs sent to Democrats! your questions and comments on the YouTube livestream! and much more!

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    33: The NPC Meme aka The Right Learns A New Way To Say "Sheeple" (w/ Cecilia D'Anastasio)

    Cecilia D'Anastasio of Kotaku joins DOOMED with Matt Binder to discuss how the 'NPC' meme tries to dehumanize 'SJWs', the origins of the "non-playable character" meme, who is using it? (it's not just 4chan edgelords and the right!), isn't it just another way of saying "wake up, sheeple"?, video game and meme culture, and the conservatives' dying cries extending into both. Also! Your questions and comments, the pro-Saudi Twitter bot campaign meant to control the Jamal Khashoggi narrative, and much more!

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    32: YouTube & the White Supremacists (w/ Chauncey Alcorn)

    Chauncey Alcorn of joins us to discuss the white supremacist Rise Above Movement, the four RAM members who were just arrested for their role in Charlottesville, the spread of white supremacists, white nationalist, and alt-right propaganda on YouTube, is YouTube following their own policies on hate speech?, the differences between right wing and left wing "extremists," RAM raising money for bail via GoDaddy, what does it take for these tech companies to take action against hate, and much more! Also: DOOMED returns from a short hiatus, your comments and questions!

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    30: You're a Corporation! The Nixon vs. Cuomo: NY Gov Debate

    Joined DOOMED with Matt Binder as we watch a replay of the New York Governor Debate between Andrew Cuomo and Cynthia Nixon, complete with color commentary on the night of the debate. (This was aired as a last minute late night YouTube Livestream, so please excuse any sound level issues. We'll have this fixed for any of these type of future livestream commentary shows we do.) Plus your live questions and comments!

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    29: We Are (Despite Trump's Tweet, Not Genociding White South African) Farmers bum ba dum bum bum bum (w/ Cristina Lopez)

    Cristina Lopez, Media Matters' deputy director for extremism, joins the show to discuss how Donald Trump came to tweeting about a long time white supremacist trope about white farmers in South Africa, how Tucker Carlson and Fox News spread white supremacy to our dumb President, right wing extremists like Lauren Southern and Mike Enoch who fed this conspiracy, case the media is wondering, our flags are all at half-staff. All this and much more including your comments and questions on DOOMED!

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    28: Unite the Right 2 or Damn Nazis, Back At It Again With the Failed White Supremacist Rally (w/ Kelly Weill)

    Kelly Weill of The Daily Beast joins the show to give us a first-person account from her trip to both Charlottesville and Washington DC for the anniversary of the white supremacist rally that left one antifascist protester dead and to cover the nazis' second take of that event: Unite the Right 2. We discuss how we got here, what the communities most affected have gone through in the past year, the sad life of Jason Kessler, militarized police, mainstream media's handwringing over antifa, YouTube's role in all this, and much more! Plus after the interview your questions, comments, plus a very special Happy Birthday message to Matt Binder's good friend Michael Brooks of The Michael Brooks Show, and much more!

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